Sylvie Fonteilles-Drabek

General Counsel and Executive Vice President
Executive Leadership Team & Support, Legal

What I do at MMV:

I lead a dedicated team of lawyers and am responsible for all contractual and other legal matters at MMV. I am also responsible for Intellectual Property management and for governance matters.

Why I work at MMV:

The enthusiasm of MMV’s scientists, when a promising antimalarial compound is discovered or progresses through our pipeline, is contagious - to be able to contribute to MMV’s worthy mission by helping forge sound partnerships is very exciting. Seeing video footage of a child swallowing a life-saving medicine co-developed by MMV can boost me for a year. MMV is a vibrant place, totally driven by its public health mission, and not distracted by concerns of commercial returns.

More about me:

I have more than 20 years of experience as a legal advisor, working at the World Bank in Washington, DC, the United Nations Compensation Commission in Geneva, Switzerland and in the private sector in the USA, France and the Czech Republic. I have a Master’s degree in Business Law from Paris XI University, France, a Master’s degree in Public Affairs from Bloomington University, Indiana, and an Interpreter Degree in English and German from ISIT in Paris, France.

Ask me about:

MMV’s license rights upon termination of a collaborationagreement, the number of agreements we finalize in a year, MMV’s patent strategy, MMV’s policies and our Board modus operandi.