Simona Mag Valigova

Senior Legal Counsel
What I do at MMV:

As Senior Legal Counsel, I am responsible for drafting and negotiating contracts with MMV’s pharmaceutical and academic partners, service providers and donors worldwide and for providing legal, IP and contractual advice. This involves working closely with colleagues from the R&D and Access teams to understand their objectives and expectations for specific projects and collaborations, ensuring adherence to relevant laws and regulations, as well as providing support for continuous improvement of our contract processes and templates. 

Why I work at MMV:

It is an honour to be part of and contribute to an organization whose ultimate objective is to eradicate this life-threatening disease. It is also very enriching to be able to keep learning about malaria, R&D and access to medicines from such knowledgeable colleagues.   

More about me:

I joined MMV’s Legal team in 2012 as a fresh graduate, holding Master’s degrees in law and in international relations. During my university studies in my native Slovakia, I translated contracts for a law firm and participated in organizing pharmaceutical conferences, where I gained insight into different areas of discovery, development and commercialisation of medicines. Outside of work, I enjoy exploring different countries and cultures, which is linked to my interest in political geography, history and languages.

Ask me about:

You can ask me about IP and licensing terms in collaboration agreements with pharma partners and with academia. You can also ask me for legal, IP or contractual advice in relation to any kind of testing or screening involving the transfer of compounds or in relation to access-related collaborations. I can also help you set up your contractual framework for a complex multi-partite project.