Raphaëlle Bessette

Intern, Access & Product Management
Masters in Gender Studies, University of Geneva, Switzerland

“As an Access and product Management intern I had the opportunity to follow the team’s different activities in malaria-endemic countries. During my time at MMV I played a key role in launching the Global Malaria Mapper, an interactive online tool which maps global malaria data from the world malaria report. Cooperation and coordination have been the key elements of my work at MMV. I had the opportunity to work with various MMV departments, with an external web development & graphic design company, as well as with  the World Health Organization.

I also supported the APM team by researching the use of Mobile technology in case reporting, by providing support for market intelligence data gathering and by coordinating SEARO delegates at MMV’s annual stakeholder meeting. I had the opportunity to see numerous achievements and to learn much about public health and the functioning of a unique PDP.”