Peter Okeyo

Intern, External Relations and Reserach & Development
Master of pharmaceutical science with honours with industrial experience, Kingston University London, UK

During my tenure at MMV I supported both the External Relations and Drug Discovery teams in a variety of tasks. In External Relations I assisted with drafting donor grants, implementing a new knowledge management system and managing annual reports for various donors. On the Drug Discovery side, I assisted the team with the Exploiting the Pathogen Box project and with other MMV Open projects, focusing in particular on malaria endemic regions.

My experience at MMV has been invaluable in really understanding the existing challenges that face the malaria community and how MMV is contributing in this community. I was fortunate enough to gain practical experience both at a scientific level (drug discovery) and in donor relationship management. This gave me a holistic understanding of MMV as an organization, as well as how each team member plays a vital role in MMV’s mission and goals.