Paul Willis

Paul Willis

Interim Head of Discovery

What I do at MMV:

As an R&D Project Director and Medicinal Chemist, I provide scientific advice and leadership to a portfolio of drug discovery projects, working with partners in industry and academia. I have a particular interest in Open Science, including an involvement with the MMV Malaria Box and Pathogen Box Projects.

Why I work at MMV:

It is hugely motivating to be able to apply my knowledge of drug discovery in the field of malaria research. Working with a diverse set of partners, in industry, academia and CRO`s is very rewarding and has taught me a lot about best practice in drug discovery.

More about me:

I joined MMV in 2011. Before that, I was a Drug Discovery Project Leader and Medicinal Chemistry Team Leader with AstraZeneca. I have over 20 years’ experience in drug discovery and have worked as a member of teams that have successfully delivered clinical candidates in a number of therapeutic areas. I have a doctorate in Chemistry from the University of Southampton.

Ask me about:

Medicinal chemistry, drug discovery, open source science, the MMV Malaria Box and the Pathogen Box.