Nathan Lee

Intern, Research & Development
Biological Sciences, University of Edinburgh, Scotland/ Veterinary Medicine, University of Pretoria, South Africa

"During my time at MMV, I had the opportunity to better understand the relevance and importance of drug discovery in the R&D process. I really felt like part of the team, handling responsibilities such as looking for commercially available compounds online and purchasing them for MMV. I was given an interesting project, to study and deliver a presentation on the existence and effects of malaria co-infections, focusing on neglected tropical diseases. Finally, I helped support the MMV Malaria Box project by searching for neighboring compounds and mapping Malaria Box requests. There have been so many great experiences and personal achievements in my short time here. It was an amazing opportunity to work in such a friendly environment and to be met with kindness at every turn. I highly recommend MMV as a place to do an internship!"