Nathalie Gobeau

Director, Pharmacometrics
Research & Development

What I do at MMV:

My role is to develop and apply pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) models, which integrate in vitro and in vivo data to help with the selection of compounds and with the translation of preclinical information to humans, with the ultimate goal of accelerating delivery of antimalarial drugs to patients.

Why I work at MMV:

It's very motivating to develop medicines for an indication with unmet needs. I enjoy working in the multicultural and multidisciplinary environment that MMV offers. In my role with the Translational Team, I have the unique opportunity to work with the Discovery, Product Development and Medical Teams.

More about me:

I joined MMV in 2015. I have extensive experience in modelling, from modelling smoke movement from fires in tunnels to modelling the fate of drugs in the body. For the first eight years of my career, I worked in the public sector, in the area of health and safety at work, first for the UK Health and Safety Laboratory, then for the French Institute INERIS (Institut National de l’Environnement Industriel et des Risques). Following this, I moved to the pharmaceutical industry. I worked for UCB Pharma in Belgium for three and a half years in the Modelling Team, initially assisting with clinical paediatric development, then helping to design the First In Human studies. Most recently, I spent five years at Novartis as a PBPK modeler, helping teams to understand the pharmacokinetics of discovery compounds from in silico, in vitro and initial PK data in animals.

I obtained an Engineering Degree in 1994 and a PhD in fluid mechanics in 1998 from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon in France.

Ask me about:

Pharmacokinetics (PK), pharmacodynamics (PD), Physiologically Based PharmacoKinetic (PBPK), population PK/PD  modelling, in vitro-in vivo correlation, fluid mechanics, as well as cycling, cooking, and gardening.