Nada Araeipour

Nada Araeipour

Director, Business Development

What I do at MMV:

As Associate Director, I help the team with the outsourcing activities and vendor management, which, includes identifying CROs, conducting due diligence and negotiating proposals.

Why I work at MMV:

It is very rewarding to work for MMV and to contribute to its noble mission. I work with a great team and appreciate the knowledge sharing that occurs between colleagues across the organization. I also enjoy the challenge of working in Business Development, as we have a responsibility to ensure we work with the best quality services providers at the lowest cost, keeping in mind that each dollar saved, can be put towards R&D for new medicines.

More about me:

Before Joining MMV, I worked as Project Manager for more than ten years for the United Nations Compensation Commission. It was also rewarding to work for this commission as it aimed at indemnifying the victims of the first Gulf War, who sustained physical, psychological or material damages. 

Ask me about:

Outside MMV, I fancy cooking and gardening.