Nada Abla Geiser

Associate Director, DMPK and Modelling
Research & Development

What I do at MMV:

My role is to study and understand the pharmacokinetic properties of antimalarial compounds under development and predict their potential drug-drug interactions when given in combinations or with co-administered drugs.

Why I work at MMV:

I enjoy working for a not-for profit organisation, with the ultimate challenge to eradicate a disease which makes so many people suffer, especially children. It is exciting to think I could eventually make a difference in their lives.

More about me:

I joined MMV in 2014 after working at Merck Serono SA Geneva for six years in the Non-Clinical Development department. I started at Merck Serono as a postdoctoral fellow on a collaboration with WHO on an antimalarial drug discovery programme, before being appointed as laboratory head in charge of the in vitro metabolism assays and representing the DMPK function in research and development project teams for several therapeutic areas, including tropical diseases. A pharmacist by training, I obtained my PhD in pharmaceutical sciences from the University of Geneva, and completed my postdoctoral training in pharmacogenetics at the University of California San Francisco. I’ve authored and co-authored several peer-reviewed articles.

Ask me about:

The fate of a drug in the body, the prediction of its pharmacokinetic behaviour in adults and children and of its interactions with other drugs, the design of in vitro and in vivo metabolism and pharmacokinetic studies, other tropical diseases such as schistosomiasis… but also classical and modern music, literature, and travel.