Melinda Peter Anthony

Intern, Research & Development
Master of Science in Biotechnology, majoring in molecular biology, University of Hertfordshire, UK

"My experience as an intern at MMV was an eye-opener. Working with the Science team showed me the bigger picture of Drug Development. My work focused on a writing a review with Dr. Wells on all antimalarial drugs currently in development, which also took into consideration new drugs to combat malaria. In addition, I was fortunate enough to attend an ESAC meeting, and now better understand the formal review process for MMV's R&D portfolio.

The ongoing discovery and development of antimalarial drugs shows the passion and drive these scientists have to eradicate malaria. Parallel to this, I learnt about the Access team that works to ensure medicines reach those in need, and about the efforts of the External Relations team to secure funding. Apart from the vast knowledge I obtained, I enjoyed my internship because of the working environment at MMV. Everyone was really friendly and ever ready to help. My experience at MMV has indeed created an option for me to continue working in an R&D organization."