Mauro Ceol

Intern, Research & Development
Masters in Agro-Industrial Biotechnology, University of Verona, Italy & PhD in Molecular Biology, University of Geneva, Switzerland

"I was interested in an internship with MMV because I wanted to acquire competencies in a medical related field and to gain experience in drug development. MMV was an excellent opportunity to learn from highly knowledgeable and experienced staff.

Working at MMV gave me the full overview of the drug development process, from drug discovery to late stage clinical trial. Specifically my work was with the Drug Discovery team, focusing on a malaria fingerprinting project with Dr. Didier Leroy, and on a project to obtain access to libraries of molecules from agrochemical companies with Dr. Ian Bathurst. In addition to learning about the R&D work of the organization, I also found it interesting to better understand MMV's work in the area of access, and the challenges associated with access to antimalarials in endemic countries."