Maud Majeres Lugand


Maud Majeres Lugand

Associate Director, Social Research, Access & Product Management

What I do at MMV:

MMV’s Access & Product Management team aims to ensure that new innovative antimalarials reach patients in need. My contribution focuses on developing tool kits and packaging for medicines, which make dosing and treatment instructions easy for health workers, caregivers and patients to understand, in order to enhance treatment outcomes. Additionally, I'm involved in various database projects with partners, such as The Global Malaria Mapper, which was launched in 2013. I am also co-leading the Malaria in Mothers and Babies (MiMBa) initiative designed to accelerate discovery, development and delivery of appropriate antimalarial options for women who are of reproductive potential, pregnant, or breastfeeding.

Why I work at MMV:

Drug development is a race which cannot be won until the medicine reaches the patient’s hand. This challenge is what motivates me. Even more inspiring, is that when malaria will no longer be a threat, I will be proud to have made a tiny contribution to this incredible achievement.

More about me:

My background is in communications and prior to joining MMV, I worked in a communications agency in the private sector for six years. I am passionate about visual communication and cultural differences, so I’m very interested in the intersection of drug delivery, patient compliance and provider comprehension – an area that bolsters the health impact of medicines. Working together with colleagues and partners helps to deepen my understanding of this area on a daily basis. I have also recently embarked upon post graduate studies in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Ask me about:

Access & delivery activities at MMV, “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to developing user-friendly communication materials, how to plan and implement qualitative field research, and outside of work, you can ask me about kitesurfing.