Marco Garbero

Intern, Legal
Law, Suffolk University Law School

As an intern for the legal department I had the pleasure of working with a talented group of individuals who were determined to always work in an efficient and intelligent manner. The wealth of knowledge available within the legal department, and in all departments of MMV, provided an enriching experience for learning about the product development partnership model.

I was tasked with negotiating and drafting various contracts, including service agreements, consultancy agreements, material transfer agreements, non-disclosure agreements and termination letters. Throughout my internship, I focused on learning about the issues surrounding restrictive intellectual property and the resulting effect on individuals in developing countries attempting to access antimalarial drugs.

As I am very interested in international intellectual property law, my supervisor made sure that I was able to explore the topic in the MMV context. This included performing legal research on the subject and aiding in the negotiation of IP rights in various contracts. Additionally, I researched and presented to the legal team about the EU General Data Protection Regulations and how it pertains to MMV as a sponsor of clinical studies.

Aside from my satisfaction with the in-depth legal projects and contracting, I was extremely enlightened to work in such a cordial environmental. My MMV colleagues were very supportive and happy to answer any questions I may have had regarding pending assignments. My work experience at MMV was one of a kind, and was truly a beneficial experience for my training as a soon to be lawyer.