Maëlle Duffey

Research Scientist
Research & Development

What I do at MMV:

As a Research Scientist, my role is to support the Drug Discovery team in the identification and validation of new antimalarial compounds. I mainly focus on the coordination of our different platforms regarding in vitro and in vivo testing of novel compounds, as well of the monitoring, understanding, and prediction of resistance.

Why I work at MMV:

Early on, I was fascinated by how a single small molecule can have such tremendous effects on the human body, and I always found my motivation working on physiologically relevant projects.

In addition, after learning about the global burden of malaria during my PhD, this became something I could not easily forget. Determined to continue in the field of antimalarial drug development, I am fortunate to be a part of the MMV, which I consider the ideal place to work in order to make a real difference concerning malaria eradication.

More about me:

During my Master’s degree in Molecular and Biological Chemistry at EPFL in Lausanne, I learnt about drug discovery during my master’s thesis at the Center for Cell Biology and Immunology at the University of Stuttgart, developing recombinant proteins for the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. After this, I joined the parasitology field during my PhD at the University Hospital in Heidelberg. During this time, I worked on the characterization of a potential antimalarial drug candidate, with a specific focus on investigating the mode of action and possible resistance mechanisms.

Ask me about:

Anything about asexual blood stages of P. falciparum, and from the non-scientific side, I’m always happy to share experiences with people, especially the ones about travelling and discovering the world.