Mélanie Rouillier

Senior Project Coordinator, Drug Discovery
Research & Development

What I do at MMV:

I provide scientific input as well as logistical and administrative support to MMV’s Drug Discovery projects.

Why I work at MMV:

Helping to discover new antimalarial medicines, as well as working with so many diverse, interesting and dedicated scientists all over the world, with the same unique wish, to decrease the burden of malaria… That’s what makes me want to wake up and come to work in the morning!

More about me:

I have a Master’s degree in Biotechnology from the Biotechnology Engineer School in Strasbourg. Prior to joining MMV, I worked at Addex Therapeutics as an Associate Scientist in the in vitro pharmacology department, where I furthered my knowledge of pharmacology and gained technical experience in drug discovery.

Ask me about:

in vitro activity, transmission blocking assays, SCID mouse model studies, library screening, presenting biological data in nice tables… but also traveling and family.