Luiza dos Reis Cruz

Intern, Research & Development
Pharmacy, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

"As a Science Intern at MMV, I had the opportunity to learn how a molecule becomes a drug, looking at the whole process from medicinal chemistry to treating a patient with malaria. During my 6-months internship, I was involved in writing a review on the malaria situation in South America over the last decade, specifically focusing on the work has been done to date from a drug discovery perspective. I studied and delivered a presentation on the chemical sythesis of marketed antimalarials, I was part of the Malaria Box project and also worked with lead generation programmes. Moreover, I had the chance to develop my personal skills in chemistry and project management.

As a pharmacist, passionate about chemistry and public health, I cannot imagine a better place than MMV to do an internship. Definitely, this experience changed me and considerably increased my passion for science."