Kailey Theriault

Intern, Legal
Law, Suffolk University Law School, Boston, USA

“Working for MMV was a remarkable learning experience. Throughout my internship I had the ability to draft numerous contracts, consultancy agreements, master services agreements, collaboration agreements, and non-disclosure agreements. I gained knowledge of how the pharmaceutical industry works and was able to enrich my understanding of the challenges and time needed to bring a drug to the market. I was also happy to be part of a team working towards such an honorable goal; eradicating malaria worldwide.
The head of the legal department paid particular attention to my interest in Intellectual Property law and allowed me to assist with numerous IP matters. I was responsible for researching many common questions that arose such as; when do rights transfer in an invention that has not yet been made but has already been assigned. I was also invited to a meeting outside of Geneva, where scientists from MMV discussed questions and concerns regarding IP rights in collaboration agreements with international partners.
Finally, one of the most interesting aspects was working with individuals with legal backgrounds from all over the world and discussing with them the differences in law that may apply to a contract depending on the location of the parties and if a choice of law provision was included. MMV has a diverse, extremely well educated staff who are knowledgeable and welcoming. Working here has greatly enhanced my understanding of international law and the pharmaceutical industry and I cannot thank MMV enough for this invaluable experience.”