Hans Rietveld


Hans Rietveld

Director, Access & Product Management

What I do at MMV:

As a director in the Access & Product Management team I lead projects with a focus on severe malaria. The objective is to drive the optimal deployment of antimalarial drugs for the treatment of critically ill patients. I do this through engagement with country policymakers, healthcare practitioners and researchers in a number of high burden countries. Identifying and addressing barriers in the adoption and roll out of antimalarials are key steps to improve the health outcomes for malaria patients.

Why I work at MMV:

The mission of MMV is very well aligned with my own purpose in life and connects with my values. Having traveled in over 20 malaria endemic countries, I have seen the burden of malaria on communities, families and individual patients, particularly children. I will never forget the joy in the eyes of a mother in Zambia whose child had been successfully treated for malaria. I am keen to continue contributing to a world free of this preventable and curable disease. And malaria elimination is feasible if all stakeholders work well together and excel in their respective areas of responsibility. MMV plays a critical role as a catalyst and partner to keep up the commitment of various players, especially pharmaceutical companies, to discover, develop and deliver new medicines. Having worked in the pharma industry, I have witnessed the determining role of MMV to spur innovation.

More about me:

Prior to joining MMV in 2019, I worked at the Novartis Malaria Initiative where I was responsible for market access, marketing and capacity building. As of 2003 I redirected the business strategy achieving industry leadership for Coartem, and drove the pre-launch, launch and roll-out of Coartem Dispersible, in collaboration with MMV. During four years I served on the Roll Back Malaria Partnership board as an alternate board member representing the private sector.

Earlier in my career I worked in sales and marketing roles in The Netherlands, detailing innovative medicines to oncologists, hematologists, transplantation specialists and psychiatrists, followed by brand management roles in dermatology and Alzheimer’s disease. I have also worked as a global brand manager on the launch of a novel steroid-free cream for the treatment of atopic dermatitis.

My first position, following my studies in marketing and business administration at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences, was in the flavors and fragrances industry, working for an aroma chemicals business unit with market leadership in musk chemicals.

Ask me about:

The challenges, highlights, impact and awards linked to my journey in malaria. I'm happy to share my experience with public-private partnerships, best practice sharing workshops, access strategies, distribution models, product design, packaging development, launch and project planning, alliance management or media relations.