Florian Wartha

Director, Product Development
Research & Development

What I do at MMV:

As Director, Product Development, I deal with project and portfolio management, mainly for the late stage development pipeline to ensure that the development programmes deliver consistently with MMV’s strategy and mission.

Why I work at MMV:

When I started my journey in infectious diseases 15 years ago, there was limited interest by pharmaceutical companies in that area, so I changed to autoimmune diseases instead. My passion to develop drugs and increase patient access later also brought me to Novartis/Sandoz, where we were developing affordable biosimilar drugs (imitations of highly efficient but expensive biologics).

Now, I managed to close the circle and move back to infectious diseases. I feel privileged to work for MMV at the front line of antimalaria drug development and at the interface of donors, partners and the patients in need.

More about me:

I have >10 years’ experience working in the pharmaceutical industry, both in biotech (Medigene) and big pharma (Novartis/Sandoz). I worked on small and large molecules alike, ranging from non-clinical development, Phase I-IV clinical development, to commercialization.

I’m proud of having obtained – with my team – the EMA approval for an additional indication of Sandoz’ epoetin-alfa biosimilar, thereby helping to make it the most used short-acting Epo in Europe.

I obtained a PhD in Medical Science with a focus on Infection Biology from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. My Master’s degree is in Molecular Medicine from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany.

Ask me about:

Juggling family and professional life, while doing an Executive MBA at the same time.

I have a passion for music (both listening and playing the guitar myself). I am also a keen reader of literature about teams, organizations, management, self-improvement, etc.