Eric Justafre

Junior Contracts Specialist

What I do at MMV:

As a member of the legal department, my role is to assist my colleagues in the drafting, negotiation and revision of various types of agreements with MMV’s public and private partners. I also provide legal advice with regard to these agreements.

Why I work at MMV:

Working at MMV is an enriching experience for multiple reasons. Not only is it an opportunity to support our R&D and Access teams in their difficult tasks of developing medicines and getting them to vulnerable populations, but it is also a great chance to be involved in the different stages of drug development. Indeed, I have the opportunity to work with experienced and passionate colleagues who are keen and always available to share their knowledge with me.

More about me:

I have a Master’s of International and Comparative Law as well as an LL.M. in International and European Economic and Commercial Law from the University of Lausanne. Prior to joining MMV, I worked in NGOs and multinational companies based in Switzerland and abroad.

Ask me about:

Anything about contracts and related matters. I am also passionate about judo, which I've practised for several years, and reading books on geopolitics.