Dragana Obrenovic

Legal Assistant

What I do at MMV:

As a member of the legal department, I provide contracts management support to my colleagues, mainly for the coordination of contracts, including follow-up on the signature process, as well as requests from our Business Development team. 

Why I work at MMV:

It is a privilege to work for an organisation with the noble and meaningful mission of reducing the burden of malaria in endemic countries. As an altruist, I am proud to contribute towards such a mission, and in my own small way, help make the world a better place.

On the professional side, for someone who has spent the bulk of her career in private companies, it is interesting to experience the inner workings of a non-profit organisation. I have always appreciated multicultural environments and I enjoy this aspect of MMV.

More about me:

I was born in Yugoslavia and have lived, studied and worked in several different countries. I hold a Master’s of International Law as well as a Master's in Human Resources Management. Previously I have worked in Dublin, Ireland in a number of multinational companies and was part of compliance, finance, legal and HR teams. Most recently I have worked for Aga Khan Foundation in Geneva.

I am passionate about learning new skills and call myself a lifelong learner.

Ask me about:

Aside from legal and contract management topics, I am happy to talk about HR, psychology, criminology, emotional intelligence, politics, animals, books, travels and sports. Even if you feel like talking but you're not sure on which topic, don't worry, I will find an interesting one.