Damian Laird

Intern, External Relations
BA Politics, University of East Anglia, UK

"Upon doing some background research on MMV, I was immediately compelled by the Product Development Partnership model. As a former student of Politics and IR, I found so many aspects of MMV’s business model innovative and viable. During my time at MMV my main project was to set up and develop a strategic prospect database to keep track of the fundraising activities of the Corporate Development department. I was also tasked with researching new funding opportunities in the public, corporate and foundation sector, as well as analyzing the giving capacities, institutional structure and funding priorities of the latter.

The most amazing part of working for a PDP, was being able to experience an environment typical of a non-profit organization but with many of the characteristics of a business. Against this backdrop, MMV gave me a good insight into the workings of  Public-Private-Partnerships, especially the fundraising part. I will carry this valuable lesson with me as I go on to pursue a Masters in International Affairs."