Bintou Zerbo

Intern, Legal
Law, Suffolk University Law School, Boston, USA

"As a legal intern at MMV I had the privilege of working with a group of individuals who not only enjoy their work but who are also eager to teach.  During my time here I was able to conduct research on specific projects and assist with drafting contracts ranging from non-disclosure agreements to consultancy services agreements.

It was very interesting to see that the legal team is somehow interconnected to all the other departments, because much of the necessary contracts are drafted by the legal team thus giving the attorneys a perspective on a range of activities conducted by MMV.

In addition to the professional knowledge I gained here, I also enjoyed my internship because of the positive working environment at MMV. Everyone is very supportive and eager to answer any questions I had. Overall my experience at MMV has been wonderful and it has allowed me to consider all the opportunities that exist for an attorney in the non-profit sector."