Benoit Laleu


Benoit Laleu

Director, Drug Discovery

What I do at MMV:

My role is to provide scientific advice and leadership to multidisciplinary and multicultural drug discovery teams working with pharmaceutical companies and academic partners. Beyond antimalarial projects, I am deeply involved in MMVOpen activities.

Why I work at MMV:

It is very rewarding to work in drug discovery, with a not-for-profit and open source science approach. To have the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of partners and coordinate efforts to fight malaria is also highly motivating.

More about me:

Before joining MMV in 2015, I worked for 7 years as a medicinal chemist for GenKyoTex, a Swiss biotech company based in Geneva. I hold a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Geneva and completed my postdoctoral studies at the University of Toronto.

Ask me about:

Medicinal Chemistry and the Pathogen Box project. You can also ask me about butterflies/moths and caterpillars, as I am an amateur lepidopterologist.