Anna Adam

Anna Adam

Project Coordinator, Drug Discovery

What I do at MMV:

I provide logistical and administrative support to project directors and the Head of Drug Discovery in the context of project team activities within the Discovery team. I take care of delegated scientific tasks, like the review of screening and compound profiling data, setup and validation of assays, information management on compound series and I am responsible for managing biological screening platforms within MMV’s centers of excellence and compound series’ data and communication.

Why I work at MMV:

I knew very early on that I wanted to take part in bringing innovative medicines to patients in need. This is why I joined a CRO company during my studies and began to learn about  clinical trial processes. Even though I enjoyed the job, I also always wanted to work for a non-profit organisation. At MMV I can finally merge these two together and I am really proud that I can be part of the team.

More about me:

I have a bachelor's degree in biology from Charles University in Prague. Before joining MMV I worked as an administrative assistant for Parexel for three and half years and I also worked as Clinical Trial Associate for Novartis. During my studies I was part of a team researching the alterations in volume of astrocytes during aging and alzheimer's disease.

Ask me about:

Biology, parasitology or clinical trials. In my free time I enjoy writing sci-fi and post-apocalyptic novels and also hiking and traveling, so we can definitely chat about that as well.