Adam Aspinall

Adam Aspinall

Senior Director, Access & Product Management

What I do at MMV:

An important part of my role is to ensure that the medicines we develop reflect the real needs of the people who use them, and to this end I act as the voice of patients and healthcare providers throughout the drug development process. Working together with MMV colleagues and external partner organizations, much of my time is focused on ensuring the most appropriate and effective launch of new MMV-supported antimalarials. I also work closely with governmental and health provider organizations in malaria-endemic countries and the WHO here in Geneva to facilitate access to, and delivery of, the right treatments to malaria sufferers globally.

Why I work at MMV:

My role is uniquely multi-faceted in that it combines many traditional aspects of pharmaceutical marketing with some fascinating market access challenges, representing Access on product development teams and with pharma partners, negotiating with influencers and policymakers at country and international level, getting to go to some interesting parts of the world and most of all having the privilege of meeting patients and their caregivers in malaria-endemic countries.

More about me:

I have extensive experience in international marketing of specialist care and orphan drugs in both pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations, including Amgen and AstraZeneca. Most recently, I was Director of Global Marketing for a leading independent specialty pharma company in the UK. Outside of work, I have been a director of the St Petersburg Healthcare Trust – a charity dedicated to educating Russian healthcare professionals about palliative care – and also a director of the Association of Renal Industries (UK).

Ask me about:

Product launch, market analytics, partnerships, access issues, the “I was once arrested at a hotel in Montreux” story (It was mistaken identity. Honestly.) and anything to do with sport aviation.

Adam holds an MBA from the University of Durham (UK), a BSc in Biophysical Science from the University of East London (UK) and is an elected member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.