Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at MMV

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at MMV

MMV is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) both internally as well as in its programmatic activities. There are four pillars of our DEI strategy (see below). 


  • Programmatic partnerships: This pillar focuses on diversity of thought in all of MMV’s programmatic activities, with particular emphasis on inclusion and leadership of endemic-country partners as well as gender balance. A cross-functional group has been established to evaluate ongoing partnerships and innovate new approaches. 


  • R&D processes: MMV works to ensure that the needs of underserved populations are embedded in research and development strategy and process. The MiMBa (Malaria in mothers and babies) strategy is a cross-functional approach that aims to a. eliminate gender bias in research and clinical outcomes; b. accelerate discovery, development and delivery of appropriate antimalarial options for pregnant and lactating women and their infants and c. raise the standard of care for these underserved populations whose needs for malaria prevention and treatment options have not been adequately addressed.  


  • Access to medicines: MMV seeks to ensure equitable access to antimalarial medicines across populations and geographies, with a particular focus on vulnerable children and women of child-bearing potential. This includes patients living in the remote malaria-endemic regions where routine access to healthcare is challenging, patients at risk of recurrent bouts of relapsing malaria, and underserved populations including pregnant women in need of routine effective malaria chemoprevention throughout their pregnancy. MMV also supports manufacturing initiatives in key high-burden malaria endemic countries to produce medicines closer to where patients need them, and also to contribute to better global supply security in the face of potential major disruptions (i.e. pandemic, climate disaster).  


  • Internal DEI: MMV works to maintain a diverse, equitable and inclusive employee base across all functional and governance levels. MMV has gender parity in its Executive Leadership and Board, parity in salaries, parental leave policies that do not discriminate by gender, and gender neutral facilities. MMV verifies each year via an equal pay analysis whether women and men are earning similar salaries for work of equal value. The methodology takes qualification, tenure and other workplace characteristics into consideration with the commitment from MMV that the gender pay gap should not exceed +/-5%. (The analysis for 2022 showed that there is no statistically significant gender wage gap at MMV). In 2022 MMV was rated a “fast riser” and “very high performer” across 9 indicators in 2022’s Global Health 50/50 Gender and Health Index, placing it in the top 10% of the 147 global health organizations considered. To support expanding the scope of our DEI activities, in 2022, MMV implemented a comprehensive online survey within the organization, alongside 10 DEI focus group discussions, to understand how MMV’s organizational culture is experienced by different employee groups, gauge staff views on DEI and understand where there are gaps and unmet needs. The response rate on the survey was 86% and in 2023, over half of MMV staff volunteered to participate in DEI focus groups. First results have been shared throughout the organization and areas identified to take the organization to the next level.