9th Call for proposals

9th Call for proposals

Medicines for Malaria Venture is a not-for-profit Organization committed to the discovery, development and delivery of affordable anti-malarial drugs through public-private partnerships. We are seeking the next generation of molecules to power the malaria eradication agenda.

Three areas are highlighted:

  1. The development of non 8 aminoquinolines to produce a radical cure by targeting the hypnozoite stages of Plasmodium vivax,
  2. New chemotypes that block transmission of plasmodium and 
  3. New chemotypes with rapid acting, blood stage (including ring stage) activity against resistant strains that have the potential to replace existing endoperoxides.  

We are particularly interested in lead generation projects targeting liver stage vivax or transmission blocking.

Blood stage projects will be considered assuming they have reached the Early Lead stage. As such compounds should have an EC50<100nM in the infected Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte assay, selectivity to a mammalian cell line and demonstrated in vivo oral efficacy in a rodent malaria model. Virtual proposals and those based on established chemotypes (e.g 4 aminoquinolines, endoperoxides etc) will not be considered.

Any molecules in early stage clinical development are also of particular interest. Before submitting a proposal please contact Dr Joerg Moehrle to discuss.

Applications may be from single institutions or partnerships between academic centres and pharmaceutical companies.  

Guidance is available on how to complete your letter of interest. Please email your letter of interest using the MMV template, no more than three pages in length to:
Dr. Jeremy Burrows
E-mail: proposals@mmv.org

Applications should reach MMV by 14 March 2011.