Defeating malaria together

Interactive R&D portfolio

MMV’s portfolio focuses on delivering efficacious medicines that are affordable, accessible and appropriate for use in malaria endemic areas. Specifically, the goal is to develop products that will provide: efficacy against drug-resistant strains of Plasmodium falciparum, potential for intermittent treatments (infants and pregnancy), safety in small children (less than 6 months old), safety in pregnancy, efficacy against Plasmodium vivax (including radical cure), efficacy against severe malaria, and transmission-blocking treatment.

For more information about the global malaria portfolio, read the article: Malaria medicines: a glass half full? 

Detailed information is available below (click on the boxes) for translational, development and access projects. This interactive portfolio is updated twice a year, at 1Q and 3Q. 



* First review or approval by WHO Prequalification, or by regulatory bodies who are ICH members or observers

- Included in MMV portfolio post approval

1 Brand name: Coartem® Dispersible
2 Brand name: Eurartesim®
3 Brand name: Pyramax®
4 Brand names: CoarsucamTM, ASAQ Winthrop® 
5 Brand name: SPAQ-COTM
6 Brand name: Artesun®