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Targeting eradication


"Hundreds of dedicated experts and partner organizations have teamed up with MMV to build the largest pipeline of antimalarials in history."

Dr Dennis Schmatz,
Chair of Drug Discovery, MMV ESAC


MMV's  Expert Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC) helps to identify the best projects worthy of inclusion in the portfolio and monitors progress through an annual review of all projects.

Essential information for scientists

Find all the information and resources you need to work with MMV. Popular documents:

Open source research

Learn more about our open source projects: The Pathogen Box, the Malaria Box and Open Source Drug Discovery (OSDD). Read news, interviews and articles about open source research.

R&D Process

It takes 13-15 years to discover and develop a new antimalarial. This graphic takes you through the steps involved in this complex process.

R&D team

MMV's project portfolio is jointly managed by MMV's R&D team. Chief Scientific Officer: Tim Wells.

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Curing malaria

Existing antimalarials have complex dosing regimes and target mainly falciparum malaria. MMV is seeking both a one-dose cure for falciparum malaria and a radical cure of vivax (relapsing) malaria.

Tackling resistance

Emerging drug resistance to artemisinin is a warning sign that we urgently need new classes of antimalarials. MMV is working to find ways to overcome resistance to current and future medicines.

Blocking transmission

New medicines that block the transmission of the parasite from patient to patient are vital if we are to defeat malaria. MMV is working to accelerate the development of these medicines.