Defeating malaria together


Partnering to defeat malaria


"MMV has been instrumental in shaping and proving the product development partnership model - using partnerships to develop and deliver new, essential medicines where they are most needed."

Dr Regina Rabinovich,
Director, Infectious Diseases,
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Product Development Partnership model

    PDPs are a response to the lack of commercial incentive to undertake R&D for vaccines, diagnostics, and drugs for neglected diseases of the developing world. Here we explain how this model works.

  • Socially responsible agreements

    MMV is driven by the aim to maximize public health impact in malaria-endemic countries and we leverage both public and private sectors to achieve this goal.

  • Partner interviews

    MMV has no laboratories nor drug manufacturing facilities. We depend entirely on collaboration in both the public and private sectors to fulfill our mission. Meet some of our partners and see what they have to say about working with MMV.

  • Report: Intellectual Property for Better Health

    This report covers the main themes of the conference hosted by The Wellcome Trust and the American Pharmaceutical Group - Intellectual Property for Better Health: Challenges and opportunities for low- and middle-income countries.