Dr Tim Wells speaks about the challenges facing access to medicines for malaria.

Intellectual Property for Better Health: Challenges and opportunities for low- and middle-income countries

August 2011
This summary report encapsulates the main themes and actions of the conference hosted by The Wellcome Trust and the American Pharmaceutical Group.

The Wellcome Trust and the American Pharmaceutical Group came together on 2 November 2010 to tackle an important issue: intellectual property.

The conference brought together opinion formers from a diverse range of perspectives to discuss the impact of intellectual property on health in low- and middle-income countries - including public health, legal, national and pharmaceutical industry viewpoints. The day was chaired by the Director of the Wellcome Trust, Sir Mark Walport, and split into two sessions: innovation and intellectual property, the changing environment and the role of patent protection on health in low- and middle-income countries. It concluded with a panel discussion to identify key issues and suggest possible routes forward.

Visit The Wellcome Trust website to access a selection of presentations given by speakers at the conference. Also available are short filmed interviews with a number of the speakers: Dr Jeffrey L Sturchio of the Global Health Council, Dr Timothy Wells of Medicines for Malaria Venture, Dr Roy F Waldron of Pfizer Inc. and Dr Zafar Mirza of the World Health Organization.