Defeating malaria together


  • June 2015

    BBC Radio interview

    Dr Jeremy Burrows, VP, Head of Drug Discovery, MMV

    Dr Jeremy Burrows speaks with the BBC about DDD107498, a new compound that has the potential to treat malaria patients in a single dose. The details of the discovery, properties and mechanism of action of this antimalarial compound, have been published in the journal NatureRead the press release.

  • November 2013

    Deutsche Welle Radio Interview

    Dr Thomas Spangenberg, Research Scientist, MMV

    Germany's international broadcaster speak's with MMV's Thomas Spangenberg about the Malaria Box, a treasure trove of anti-malarial compounds.

  • October 2013

    Channel Africa Radio Interview

    Dr. Wilfred Mbacham, Executive Director of the Multilateral Initiative on Malaria, MIM Secretariat

    While governments are strengthening national and regional efforts to eliminate malaria, researchers and implementers are rising to other challenges, developing innovative solutions, tools and technologies to eliminate malaria. Some of this work was announced at the 6th Multilateral Initiative on Malaria Pan African Conference in the South African coastal city of Durban. Dr Mbacham reflects on the events that formed part of the meeting.

  • October 2013

    Channel Africa Radio Interview

    Dr Fatoumata Nafo-Traoré, RBM Executive Director & MMV Board Member

    During the 6th MIM Pan-African Malaria Conference in Durban, South Africa, Dr Nafo-Traoré speaks about what’s being done to prevent and treat malaria on an African level.

  • October 2012

    ABC Radio Australia Interview

    Mr Ray Chambers, MMV's Chairman of the Board

    In the lead-up to the Saving Lives in the Asia Pacific Conference, ABC Radio Australia interviews Mr Ray Chambers about the spread of drug-resistant malaria from the Greater Mekong Basin, one of the issues on the conference agenda.

  • October 2012

    ABC Radio Australia Interview

    Dr David Reddy, CEO, MMV

    In the lead-up to the Saving Lives in the Asia Pacific Conference, ABC Radio Australia interviews Dr David Reddy about research that is paving the way for a possible single-dose malaria treatment.

  • March 2010

    Speech: “It takes a bit of madness to do the work we do”

    Bongi Makhabela, Chief Executive Officer of the Nelson Mandela Foundation

    Following the MMV-CRESIB Forum on 15 March, Bongi Makhabela, gives a rousing speech at a dinner in Barcelona, attended by Her Royal Highness Princess Cristina of Spain, on fundraising techniques, the work of the Mandela Foundation, and the need to tell positive stories of success.

    “We need to continue to dream of different worlds. We need to continue to believe there is another way…We need to continue to believe in what we are doing.”

  • January 2009

    The Brian Lehrer Show

    Dr. Ambrose Talisuna, Director, Access & Delivery, MMV

    Uganda representative for MMV, the former head of epidemiology and surveillance for the Ministry of Health in Uganda and Sally Ethelston, director of communications and advocacy for the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative, discuss progress toward a malaria vaccine and the goal of eradicating the disease by 2015.

  • September 2008

    Sky Radio Interview

    Dr Chris Hentschel, CEO, MMV

    MMV’s President and CEO Chris Hentschel is interviewed by Sky Radio Network and speaks about MMV and its contribution to the goal of malaria eradication.

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