MMV discusses the strides made to protect as many children as possible from malaria in the Sahel

December 2014

World Malaria Report 2014 reveals malaria cases and deaths are falling fast but significant challenges remain

December 2014

An article published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, co-authored by David Waterson

December 2014
A call for global collaboration at the UN
A new life-saving drug is injecting hope into the fight against severe malaria in Nigeria.
CCTV journalist reports live from the conference and speaks with MMV's Dr Xavier Ding

Combination could be the long-sought single-dose cure for malaria

20 January 2015

Collaborations set to advance life-saving pre-referral treatment for severe malaria

27 November 2014

An investigational medicine being developed for the treatment and relapse prevention of P. vivax

28 April 2014


Dr Simon Campbell, CBE FRS, receives Queen’s honour for services to chemistry

12 January 2015

Most vulnerable populations remain the hardest hit

10 December 2014

MMV and partners build a strong portfolio of new PfATP4 inhibitors in translational medicine ready for clinical development

09 December 2014

RBM seeks input for the second Global Malaria Action Plan

20 November 2014