Malaria & medicines


  • kills ~584,000 people each year – the vast majority are children
  • ƒƒcan kill within 24 hours of symptom onset
  • ƒƒcosts Africa USD 12 billion in lost GDP every year
  • ƒƒaccounts for 40% of all public health spending in Africa

Malaria treatment

ACTs are currently recommended as first-line treatment for uncomplicated P.falciparum malaria by the WHO. Learn more about malaria treatment guidelines.

History of antimalarials

Discover how the treatment of malaria has progressed over the ages.

Optimizing artemisinin production

MMV and the WHO joined forces to harmonise the production of artemisinin. See how these efforts helped to ensure sufficient supply of artemisinin for ACT needs.

5 species of malaria

There are five species of protozoan parasites of the genus Plasmodium that have been known to cause human malaria. Learn about the key differences between the species.

Definitions & symptoms

As the malaria parasites enter the blood stream they infect and destroy red blood cells. See what symptoms may result and learn the difference between uncomplicated and severe malaria.

Current tools

Defeating malaria requires a comprehensive approach. Find out why both prevention and treatment are needed and why no one tool alone can defeat the parasite.