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What advantages do public-private partnerships such as MMV bring to the development of new antimalarial drugs?

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Why invest in MMV?

Leveraging partnerships

The power of partnership has been at the heart of MMV’s vision ever since it was founded in 1999. All of MMV’s R&D, as well as access activities are undertaken in collaboration with partner organizations across the world. Pharmaceutical and biotech partners bring expertise and facilities in drug discovery and development, including access to cutting-edge technologies. In the public sector, academic research institutions bring scientific research expertise and facilities in areas ranging from basic biology to clinical medicine and field expertise.

In its aim to drive acceptance, availability and uptake of appropriate malaria medicines in endemic countries, MMV collaborates with organizations such as Ministries of Health, the World Health Organization, private industry, NGOs and philanthropists. MMV also supports global consortia such as Roll Back Malaria and the Affordable Medicines Facility – malaria, to coordinate action on the eradication of malaria.

Spending wisely

MMV ensures that donors’ money is spent to the maximum effect and thus manages its drug R&D from discovery to registration using rigorous and demanding standards of quality and time. See more details about MMV's funding and expenditure.

MMV's value in the eyes of others

Annual Review of MMV by DFID (August 2012)

The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), a long-term supporter of MMV’s work, has granted an overall A++ for MMV’s performance in an internal review. DFID conducts regular internal reviews on the effectiveness and impact of its aid programmes to help the UK spend aid more effectively. DFID reviews its grantees on a regular basis and this review rated MMV as substantially exceeding expectations in the areas of: effective partnerships with scientific and commercial partners, new candidate medicines developed, clinical trials of safety and efficacy of anti-malarial drug candidates and new antimalarial medicines registered for use.

MMV Organizational Report by FasterCures (November 2009)

MMV was reviewed by FasterCures, an independent nonprofit ‘action tank’ based in New York offering a Philanthropy Advisory Service to help philanthropists make informed decisions about where to invest in the nonprofit sector. On three critical categories of ‘accountability’, ‘collaboration’ and ‘research effectiveness’, MMV was evaluated as demonstrating an ‘outstanding and strong’ performance.

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