Reports on malaria financing

Neglected Disease Research and Development: Emerging Trends

April 2015

Meeting the challenge, seizing the opportunity: US leadership can advance global health R&D

March 2015

Report for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases

February 2015

An Unprecedented Opportunity at the Dawn of a New Era 

October 2014

Innovation for a changing world: The role of US leadership in global health R&D

March 2014

A report authored by Policy Cures, an independent nonprofit research group, with input and funding from several malaria-focused product development partnerships

December 2013

Neglected Disease Research and Development: The Public Divide

December 2013

Malaria at the Crossroads

October 2013

GHTC Briefing Paper, Volume 1

May 2013

Renewing US leadership: Policies to advance global health research

February 2013