Defeating malaria together

Invest in us

Why invest in MMV?

  • We leverage public and private financial resources along with world-class expertise and facilities
  • Spending wisely is core to our mission as a not-for-profit organization
  • Evaluations from donors and philanthropic think-tanks give us top marks

Donors are keen to see tangible results from their investments and we are proud to share our achievements.

  • Why invest in malaria?

    Of the one million malaria deaths each year, 90% occur in Africa. We aim to help defeat malaria and prevent this loss of life.

  • Why invest in R & D?

    New, effective medicines are essential tools in the integrated effort to eradicate malaria. We are developing many of these in the largest-ever antimalarial drug pipeline.

  • Why invest in access?

    Vulnerable populations continue to have limited access to effective antimalarials. We are working to change this.

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