Defeating malaria together

Access & Product Management

Ensuring access

"We're not just focusing on developing drugs. The issue of access is also very important, ensuring that people who need these drugs will have access to them."

Dr Awa Marie Coll-Seck,
Minister of Health in Senegal

MMV's Access & Product Management Advisory Committee (APMAC) provides expert advice on how to ensure timely and effective delivery of new antimalarials in endemic countries.

  • Supporting introduction

    MMV seeks to minimize the time-to-market for the responsible introduction and acceptance of important new therapies in malaria endemic countries.

  • Enhancing reach

    MMV supports expanded access to quality malaria treatments in endemic countries, primarily by working with partners on improving public & private sector delivery in malaria endemic countries.

  • Informing R&D

    MMV monitors the experience of patients and providers with launched medicines to help inform the R&D process, thus ensuring future products will better address unmet patient needs.

  • Gathering Market Intelligence

    MMV endeavors to ensure timely availability of key market data to inform product development, launch and scale-up.

  • Interactive Project Map

    This map provides a global view of our Access & Product Management projects.

  • Tool Kits

    These materials support the implementation of Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention (SMC) & the administration of injectable artesunate for severe malaria.

  • Global Malaria Mapper

    This map tool allows users to create maps using World Malaria Report data.

  • Access team

    The Access team works closely with Ministries of Health, pharmaceutical partners, international agencies, and the global health community to lay the ground for access to the products in MMV's portfolio.

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