Developing innovative approaches to increase rural access to commodities for the treatment and case management of severe malaria

Following the recent Global Fund Expert Review Panel (ERP) approval of rectal artesunate from CIPLA, MMV is interested in organizing a pilot project that will increase the access of severe malaria commodities in rural communities, that can eventually be scaled up for wide-scale country application. Considering that quality treatment relies heavily on all aspects of the health supply chain, including commodity supply chain and distribution, healthcare, and transport of patients, MMV would like to explore innovative and systemic approaches to this problem.

MMV is seeking to identify organizations that have novel strategies or ideas to increase the access to severe malaria commodities that are interested in entering into discussions regarding a possible collaboration to carry out a pilot-phase project of these strategies. We are particularly interested to hear from organizations that already have projects, teams or partners on the ground that can speed up the implementation process of such a project and that are interested in working with the established local health or supply chain systems. Interested parties should have experience working in countries with a high malaria burden and with communities located in rural settings.

Interested parties should submit an RFI response by completing the Excel form below (3 worksheets), in the original EXCEL format, via e-mail with the subject line ‘Request for information (RFI) - MMV-2017-SMA to rfi [at] An email of intent to indicate interest in submitting a response would be preferred within a week from the release of the RFI.

It is important to note that responses do not need to address all activities listed under Section 4. ‘Plan of Action’ these have been provided as suggestions for consideration. Please refer to the RFI document below for more details regarding the specifications of the RFI.

Any questions or clarifications regarding this RFI should be submitted in writing via e-mail to rfi [at] (subject: RFI%20SM%20commodity%20access%20questions)   before Wednesday, 1 March 2017.  Telephone requests for discussions about the RFI prior to the closing date cannot be accommodated.