Defeating malaria together

How cost effective is MMV?

MMV works with a commercial partner through all phases of the R&D process, from early discovery, through to development, regulatory approval and delivery to market. When MMV enters into contractual relationships with partners, our primary goal is social responsibility. This means that we encourage our partners to work with us to ensure that the effective and high quality malaria medicines that we develop and launch will be accessible to those most in need in malaria-endemic countries at the most affordable price possible.

There are several factors that help MMV reduce costs, not least of which are the invaluable ‘in-kind’ contributions that MMV’s pharmaceutical partners make, such as facilities, staff and management. These partner contributions equal and sometimes surpass the amount MMV spends on a project. Additionally, MMV’s stringent portfolio management process as well as rigor in project selection and prioritization allow us to reallocate resources only to the most promising collaborations and continuously deliver high value for donor money.

Further details on MMV’s funding and expenditure are available in the “Invest in us” section of our website.

To learn more, watch our video interview series with malaria experts on:

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