About us

Our mission & vision

MMV, a not-for-profit public-private partnership, was established as a foundation in Switzerland in 1999.

Our mission is to reduce the burden of malaria in disease-endemic countries by discovering, developing and delivering new, effective and affordable antimalarial drugs.

Our vision is a world in which these innovative medicines will cure and protect the vulnerable and under-served populations at risk of malaria, and help to ultimately eradicate this terrible disease.

Our donors

MMV has received sustained funding and support from public and private donors. This has been augmented by substantial in-kind contributions from our research partners.

Our policies

MMV believes in transparency. Here you will find our policies, principles and other key information about working in partnership with us.

Our history

MMV was established as a foundation in 1999, and registered in Switzerland. Today, it is a leading product development partnership (PDP) in the field of antimalarial drug research and development.

Achievements & challenges

See what we have achieved in the past decade, the challenges we face for the future and the difference we are making in the lives of patients.

Jobs @ MMV

MMV has evolved from a four-person start-up, to an organisation with more than 50 staff members. See our current job vacancies.

Organization and governance

MMV is run by an experienced management team and governed by a Board of Directors. Expert advisory committees provide guidance in the fields of science, global safety and access.