MMV's Jeremy Burrows speaks with the BBC about DDD107498, a new compound that has the potential to treat malaria patients in a single dose.

Malaria R&D in a time of global partnerships

Presentations from this Malaria Symposium, co-hosted by MMV, GHIT Fund and the University of Tokyo, are now available.

Latest access article

An operational comparative study of quinine and artesunate for the treatment of severe malaria in hospitals and health centres in the Democratic Republic of Congo: the MATIAS study

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Malaria Prevalence among Young Infants in Different Transmission Settings, Africa


Discovery of a novel antimalarial compound published in Nature

17 June 2015

Discussions are underway to further strengthen collaboration

05 June 2015
Dr David Reddy, CEO, MMV and Dr Bernard Pécoul, CEO, DNDi

Two ACTs developed by DNDi and partners enter MMV’s portfolio

22 May 2015

WHO discusses measures to win the battle against malaria by 2030

19 May 2015