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Deadline: 07 September 2014

New infographic

This infographic by Work the World explores the reasons why worldwide elimination of malaria is an achievable goal

New film

Medicines for all - A call for global collaboration at the UN, featuring statements from MMV's CEO, David Reddy

Latest science article

Defining the biology component of the drug discovery strategy for malaria eradication 


Dr Jörg Möhrle, Head of Translational Medicine, MMV

Conference provides a forum for experts to discuss Germany’s role in malaria and poverty-related diseases

01 July 2014

Tool Kit will help plan, implement and monitor WHO-recommended life-saving intervention for children

29 April 2014

An investigational medicine being developed for the treatment and relapse prevention of P. vivax

28 April 2014

The collaboration focuses on optimising long-acting compounds

24 February 2014